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Encompassing design
We use design patterns that make it easy to write tests for the code. For eg, using dependency injection can make it easier to mock dependencies in tests.
Design patterns for testable code
Ease of testing with dependency injection
Mock dependencies with ease
Optimised test writing process
Simple briefing
We avoid writing huge complex tests that are hard to understand or maintain from day 1. Instead, we clearly break down the product into small, focused units that build up a product brief
No huge and complex tests
Clear testing objectives
Efficient testing, clear product breakdown
Focused testing for better results
Comprehensive test cases
We then meticulously ensure that the tests cover all possible scenarios and edge cases.
All scenarios and edge cases captured
Ensured functionality through testing
Comprehensive test coverage
Thorough testing for quality assurance
Using code reviews
Code review is our distinguished way to catch issues early and to ensure that the code is testable and maintainable.
Code review for quality assurance
Catch errors before release
Ensure code maintainability
Improve code quality through review
Refactor and release
We incorporate refactoring as a crucial step in our process to ensure that our clients receive a high-quality, maintainable codebase that is thoroughly tested before release.
Refactor for maintainable code
Improve code design
Ensure functionality during refactoring
Release with confidence after refactoring
Note from our product manager
Ebrahim Kothari, Product Manager
Preparing designs first allows for clear and defined logic, making it easier to write test cases that align with the stakeholders' expectations and approvals.
Ebrahim Kothari
Product Manager
Why we stand out from the competition
Here’s a quick comparison between Antarctica and the two most widely used methodologies.
Regular TDD
TDD by Antarctica
Waterfall method
Parallel unit testing & test cases
Comprehensive test coverage
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