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Our offshore, BOT & staff augmentation services swiftly puts you on track to transforming your ideas into reality.
Become a better decision maker.
Discover our comprehensive suite of consulting and advisory services.
Dedicated teams
Staff augmentation
Dedicated offshore teams
Dedicated offshore teams
Antarctica Global provides dedicated offshore software teams for project-based work, MVP development, UI/UX design, and prototypes for early-stage and funded companies. Our services include scoping and proof of concepts for enterprises without hiring infrastructure.
Our rigorous vetting process, custom project management platform, and strict development procedures ensure a seamless outsourcing experience. Access specialised skills and industry expertise that fit your budget with our dedicated team.
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Enlist your software development outsourcing to unlock a full gamut of benefits
Outsourcing is like hiring a superhero team with unique skills. It's not about cost-cutting but assembling the best team for the job, making it an act of specialisation.
Instant expertise
Reduced costs
Rapid time-to-market
Risk management
Why choose Antarctica?
It’s really not that complicated, we believe in staying transparent, innovative and simple by all means possible.
Direct relationship with our founders
We combine our expertise to develop a truly outstanding product
IP of your code contractually protected
Your IP rights are protected contractually
Dedicated team, super experimented & pedagogical
You’ll be working with a dedicated team, ultra qualified and ultra sweet
Transparent scheduling, on-time delivery
We stick to deadlines, as glue sticks to paper
Low cost,
Full transparency
We will be clear about our costs and processes from the word go
Top-notch technologies for your ecosystem
We guarantee the best of technology and industry standards
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