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An Indo-French one-of-a-kind combination.

Antarctica is a software concept, design & development company that builds easy-to-use applications and architects complex-to-build ecosystems. We are called Antarctica because we aim to build a digital ecosystem that changes the world for the better.

We believe we can no longer create, innovate and work without first judging the concrete impact that our activities can have on an environment. Thus one of our core purpose is to save the penguins of Antarctica and the people we collaborate with are totally okay with that.

We want to preserve Antarctica.
We want to save the penguins.

Delivering our promise, daily.

The reason we love what we do is because every waking moment, the Antarctica family works towards making a difference in the world.

1% of our turnover to the Penguins
Clean code for a clean environment

We’ve got a great waddle we’d like you to meet!

We believe just like penguins that together we are stronger. Together, we can change the world.


Mathieu François

CEO & Co-Founder


Kumail Amiruddin

COO & Co-Founder


Nikas Parmar

Senior Solutions Architect


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Frosty, the little penguin who's been sneaking around.

Frosty was created with a thought of being a great binder between technology and our greater purpose.

Frosty the Penguin of Antarctica Global Indo French Custom Software Development Company

Her name is Frosty.

Frosty because she reminds you of her hometown, Antarctica.


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