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We build software that protects the environment.
We offer impactful design, development and mobility solutions that help planet-positive ventures grow 10x faster.

We believe that technology must help solve the SDGs.

Global warming is setting the pace for global wars tomorrow. Wars for energy, wars for water and greens, wars for oxygen. It is time to act, right now. To save our mothers and heal, by all means, Mother Nature. How? By working together to empower your company with the software that will help you scale effectively.

What are SDGs?

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Farm Management


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Temperature Monitoring

Trip Planning

Occupancy Tracking

We not only care,
we execute.
We can help you build what you need: an incredibly powerful digital ecosystem that embraces your ambitions.

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We make earning trust a smooth sail.

It’s really not that complicated, we believe in staying transparent, innovative and simple by all means possible.


Direct relationship with our two founders

We're experts in software development.

We’re the software developers you’ve been waiting for. Resolutely committed & genuinely warmhearted. For you and the Earth.


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We are not called
Antarctica just because
we like the name.

We are not called Antarctica just because we like the name.

Climate change isn’t a debate as to whether or not it exists; it is a reality hitting us all hard, with disheartening consequences across all continents, including the most unique of them all: Antarctica.

We are objectively talking about an unprecedented extinction of species as a result of human activity and an incredibly wide loss of biodiversity everywhere on our planet. We have no other choice but to act vigorously, passionately, heartily.

At Antarctica, every technology we develop for our clients literally changes the world we live in.

Dive deep into our mission

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Yes, we’ve been good, real good.

We have yet to experiment with various industries but we’re skilled enough to take risks and keep our good reputation going!


It's been such a great opportunity working with Antarctica. The way they've been able to deliver a project as complex as what we've had in 14 weeks has been nothing short of remarkable. They've been really good friends, and most of all, they've done a really excellent job.

Jesse Forrester

CEO, Mazi Mobility

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