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Temperature Monitoring
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Texas, USA

IoT-based temperature monitoring solution & smart transportation system for a chain of hospitals

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The requirement.
Our client, a group of hospitals in Texas, America, required a mission-critical solution to ensure complete visibility over real-time temperatures in the transportation of various coolers containing patient medical samples and refrigerated pharmaceuticals.
The challenge for Antarctica was to offer such visibility throughout the client’s fleet of 20+ vehicles having to operate visits twice a day across 50+ clinics and to ensure that none of the 300+ connected coolers transporting critical samples would suffer any data breakage or compromission while being in transit.
This visibility was to be offered to drivers, operating till then on an unstructured method of internal scheduling, as well as clinicians and senior management, with each one of these users needing to interact with relevant personalised dashboards and features.

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How we did it.

We first had to clearly understand how this technology solution requirement would align with their overall operations across the entire network. So we sat around the table and listened, a lot, to all stakeholders invited to share their pain-points faced every day: fleet managers, drivers, clinicians and supervisors.

The idea was to introduce the main objective of real-time temperature visibility without disrupting the existing routine that drivers and clinics followed. So we came up with a roadmap and a set of touchpoints, features and journeys for each user.

Point 1

We built an entire ecosystem from scratch.

Point 2

We connected over 350 smart sensors.

Point 3

We created an advanced alert mechanism.

temperature monitoring

The design process


An extensive dashboard


An all-inclusive system


The impact it had.

Overall, the hospital network was able to drastically increase real-time visibility by having access to temperature data for the entire time that the samples are on the move and not in a facility.

Drivers now have much clearer directions and trip plans in addition to receiving alerts about the medical cargo they are transporting and they realise how technology can actually assist and add structure to a process they used to have to remember for years.

Clinicians are today much more at peace knowing that no samples are spoiled during transportation and are able to test more effectively, a basis for ensuring the well-being of patients across the entire network.

Lastly, from a compliance perspective, senior management is now notably able to retrieve archived temperature data for audit purposes.

Screenshot of App

Fascinating times.

We feel a profound gratitude for having such projects come our way and that motivates us even more to beat all odds.

Our team

4 developers, 2 designers, 1 tester & a PM.

16 weeks

We completed all this in a matter of just 16 weeks.

1 commitment

Our heart and soul from vision to deployment.


The tech stack we chose.

There is a reason why we set our standards so high: adaptability, efficiency, scalability.

Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack

What the client had to say!

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quresh profile

Within 2 days, I had a beautiful, clear-cut proposal, within 4 days, an entire mobile end-to-end mockup, and within 4 weeks, a functionally working mobile application with live temperature and humidity data from our smart sensors.

Quresh Tyebji

Vice-President, IoT Solutions Company

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