Your digital life
has an impact.
Have you ever been told how much CO2 is emitted when you browse internet, watch a video or listen to a song online?
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Ready to Track your digital carbon footprint?
Calculate the environmental impact of web browsing with Pebble, your ultimate Carbon Footprint Web Extension.
Raise your own Awareness.
Deep dive into your environmental impact with a powerful and customisable dashboard.
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Why are we doing this?
Unlike big software giants, our mission is to create positive environmental change, not endless browsing. 
The ICT sector accounts for up to 3.9% of global CO2 emissions. This is twice the aviation sector.
In average, an internet user is responsible for approximately 414 kg of carbon dioxide emissions annually.
Video streaming has become a major threat for the environment, accounting for over half of online emissions.
Universally Compatible.
Our extension works with any internet browser,
across the world.
your data is your data.
Pebble runs solely on your device. Pebble has no home server and cannot embed any kind of analytic hooks in its code. Pebble stores the data required for its operation in your browser's local storage. It does not transmit this information to any servers or third parties. It's just like your footsteps tracking app but for the planet!
We do not collect any browsing data when you use our extension. All your browsing data is analysed directly on your device and is not sent or processed anywhere else.
Made for everyone.
Pebble's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to all, from sustainability enthusiasts to educational institutions seeking to instil eco-awareness among students. It's time to raise awareness.
Know Y(our) Impact.
How a small pebble can creates ripples in a vast ocean, our individual actions, no matter how small, can create a positive impact on the environment. 
Pebble beyond today
This is only the beginning of our extraordinary venture. Partner with us to spearhead the 'Pebble' revolution.
Pebble on your Mobile
An app that seamlessly helps you track your digital CO2 emissions.
Smart Carbon Offset
Intelligent solutions of how you can reduce your digital carbon footprint.
Pebble Infrastructure
Touching upon the real deal in our industry: infrastructure emissions.
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With Pebble we not only aim to raise awareness but also offer solutions for tomorrow
dive into our Methodology
Get behind the science of how we convert real user data into carbon emissions.
The extension leverages the rigorous methodology published in the Shift Project's report titled Lean ICT - Towards Digital Sobriety
The extension interacts with the browser to request data transfer statistics during the user's browsing session and stores them locally.
We source electricity data from your region to give you the most accurate calculations of carbon emissions.
Make an impact,
Download Pebble.
Raise your own awareness & make a step in the transition to a decarbonised world.
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