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France’s first direct-from-farm e-commerce platform for fruits and vegetables

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The requirement.
Our client Champerché is an official FoodTech500 urban vertical farming company based in France, that uses an innovative combination of permaculture & hydroponics to grow over 150 species of fruits & vegetables.
This project follows a series of other projects we previously undertook for this client, including the design & development of a farm management system to ensure complete control and automation over the crop cycle, the creation of a custom ERP system to streamline business operations processes across farms, manage inventories, customers, orders & finance, and the creation of a custom website to display their new visual identity.
This project comes as the final step towards achieving a first major milestone for Champerché: to build the first complete software ecosystem from seed to sale, by imagining & developing a geo-local online shopping platform with a dynamic, CMS controlled product catalogue, payment gateway, cart & subscription service for Champerché’s fresh produce.

Solving for Good Health and Well-being and more.

Every project that we take up is aligned to one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG #2
Zero Hunger
SDG #12
Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG #3
Good Health & Well-Being
SDG #9
Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
SDG #11
Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG #15
Life on Land

How we did it.

Our mission here was made crystal clear: to create an outstanding, seamless and proprietary e-commerce platform following the design & identity principles we had imagined for their company website. We wanted it to be a natural extension to their growing online ecosystem and we had to provide the simplest, most enjoyable & delightful experience to its clients, suppliers and all the curious minds around.

We also made sure - likewise their website - to imagine this experience across web & mobile platforms and incorporated in a V1 all the major functionalities you can expect from the most advanced grocery delivery platforms.

Point 1

We built a seamless seed-to-sale ecosystem

Point 2

We developed a hyper-local algorithm.

Point 3

We integrated multiple payment gateways.

temperature monitoring

Core functionalities


Seamless integrations


Geo-local delivery


The impact it had.

By switching strategically to developing its own intellectual property through a proprietary technology, Champerché opened the doors to endless opportunities.

On an immediate & operational level, many factors came into play that made a custom solution necessary for Champerché: having specific shipping & logistics options, special features & prices according to the customers (B2B / B2C) which third-party platforms such as Prestashop do end up restricting you a lot as you scale & overall an experience that Champerché wanted different from the rest of its competitors.

Custom technology allows integrations to other internal & external systems to be made more open & easy. That includes a drastic reduction in security concerns & the possibility to aim for innovative technologies and AI-powered solutions in the future. Laying such groundwork for a scalable ecosystem certainly drew the path for future rich modules such as a native mobile application or a last-mile delivery app.

Screenshot of App

Fascinating times.

We feel a profound gratitude for having such projects come our way and that motivates us even more to beat all odds.

Our team

3 designers, 5 developers, 2 testers, 1 architect

16 weeks

We completed all this in a matter of just 16 weeks.

1 commitment

Our heart and soul from vision to deployment.


The tech stack we chose.

There is a reason why we set our standards so high: adaptability, efficiency, scalability.

Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
Tech Stack

What the client had to say!

We have yet to experiment with various industries but we’re skilled enough to take risks and keep our good reputation going!

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Antarctica is an expert company in the field of software development. We feel they are a true extension of our technology team. They are great listeners, give insightful recommendations and have been solid mentors throughout our journey.

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Head of IT, Agritech Company

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