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21 Mar 2023 8 min read

My Journey from QA Tester to Fullstack Developer for a Leading Technology Company


By Kevin Shah

Junior Fullstack Developer

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Me practicing yoga at our offsite retreat!

Becoming a full stack developer can be a real “search in the dark” for few people, especially when you are new to web development. With the need for mastering technologies over various domains, where to start and how to proceed are commonly asked questions by rookies. This article is about my journey of becoming a full stack developer.

My background


That's me many years ago!

I started my professional journey as a SAP ABAP Tester. Still fresh out of college, I took this as a new challenge which excited me quite a lot. But I used to always get fascinated by the web development domain. I would see these beautiful websites and relevant integrations and I would admire them like a kid admiring a candy. So eventually, after the admiration phase, came the “I want to be a developer” phase.

I started from the bottom:

Yes, bottom. Although I had some amount of knowledge in HTML and CSS technologies, to be a professional developer, I had to be at par with the industry standards. This meant that I would have to study all relevant concepts as well as have practical knowledge.

So I began with HTML and CSS, again. But this time, with proper resources and by building static websites for all the concepts I learnt. (practical implementation is the most important part). After getting comfortable with these concepts, I went to the main heart of web development - Javascript Language. Since I had Java and Python language in my undergrad curriculum, understanding Javascript became  a little easy. The core concepts in every coding language are quite similar and they mainly differ in syntax.

Here are the resources which helped me in my learning process:

My Frontend Journey

Next in line was the Frontend development.

There are various libraries and frameworks which help you in the frontend development. My target was to become a MERN Stack developer which comprises of MongoDB, Express.js, React and Node.js. 

Order in which you should go about React :

  1. React components - Class and Functional components
  2. JSX (Javascript XML)
  3. Props vs State
  4. React hooks
  5. Conditional Rendering


Mastering the Backend

Once I got comfortable with building static pages and using React concepts of hooks and functional components, it was time to integrate and connect the APIs.

Node.js is a powerful technology when we talk about backend.

It allows you to build complex and powerful applications without writing complex code (which makes our life easy!)

Order in which you should go about Node.js:

  1. Node fundamentals and NPM (node package manager)
  2. Asynchronous Javascript - Callback functions and promises
  3. HTTP Module
  4. RESTful APIs
  5. Authentication and Authorization
  6. Error handling


Final piece - Database

The final piece in our jigsaw puzzle of Fullstack Development is somewhat easier than our previous steps. We have a wide range of databases available in both structured and unstructured databases. I went on to study MySQL and MongoDB since these two databases are most widely used.



Me with my friends at Antarctica

What came next?

After getting well versed with web development, though I didn't have any professional experience, the good folks at Antarctica Global gave me a shot to bring my dream into reality.

Antarctica Global has a diverse and dynamic team which will always make you feel like you are a part of an extended family. All of my silliest doubts were solved with utmost clarity and nobody ever questioned the magnitude of silly questions.

Within no time, I started developing functionalities and implementing beautiful UIs. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to expanding my skill sets by being here at Antarctica Global!

I will be here for you in case you want to join our team too!



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By Kevin Shah

Junior Fullstack Developer


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We are the good side of technology. We are Antarctica.

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