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Vision Management

Vision constitutes the first step in developing a software. Vision is everything. Vision helps to build and foresee an architecture that won’t fail as it scales. Vision is what let you know that your idea will turn out to be, or not, an impactful product.

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What this concretely means.

Why do you need custom software? Why don’t you buy an existing one that might just do what you need? Why would you invest time and money in developing a tailor-made solution from scratch? Developing a vision for technology means questioning tangible, operational and strategic challenges that your business faces and understanding whether or not a custom solution can legitimately and efficiently answer them.

We call it the discovery phase of a project and it entails two major goals: defining a visionary roadmap and setting up a diverse, skilled and disciplined team in order to create, in record time, the software that will embrace your ambitions.

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How we build trust before committing

Our project discovery phase involves our founders working together with you to collect and produce essential data, elicit product architecture, define the functional and non-functional requirements, select suitable technologies and plan the development of the project in order to optimize processes, reduce risks and minimize costs. All this before we start drawing a single line of design and code.



Vision is everything. Vision helps to build and foresee an architecture that won’t fail as it scales.

Mathieu François

CEO at Antarctica Global

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