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Welcome to the Penguin Academy. Here we mentor women developers in India exclusively.

Once every year, we open our gates to the Penguin Academy, a 6 month training & mentorship program for women in their last year of college.

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A unique mentorship program

A once-in-a-young-life experience made to empower you among incredible mentors and fantastic projects that actually change the world!

A 6-month hands-on program

6-month program for high-potential students in their last year of college.

Mentoring for high-potential students

A tailor-made mentoring program while you complete your degree.

A meaningful part-time job

2 days minimum a week, a fixed remuneration while studying and a job offer as you graduate.

Exclusively dedicated to women developers

Less than 30% women developers in India. Time to change this.

Real-life, impactful projects

Incredible projects, exclusively around the sustainable development goals.

A fullstack - frontend & backend - program

Everything you need to become an incredibly knowledgeable fullstack developer.

Hear from our first student.

She applied, succeeded and became our very first Penguin to join our program. An incredible potential on the road to becoming a wonderful developer.

This is a wonderful experience where I get to learn a lot. I get to work on production level projects with great mentors to help me. The founders of this company are very inspiring. I recommend this program to everyone.


Pooja Modi

Full Stack Developer

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Why did we start this program?

Why would we not? India faces an unfair shortage of women developers, generally known to be more thoughtful and yet more apprehensive, reticent & introverted when it comes to applying for meaningful positions at a young age. The Penguin Academy is doing just that: empowering women to become what they want.

Acceptance to the Penguin Academy

Acceptance to the Penguin

We offer this program only once a year and every application is assessed and individually handpicked based on our internal criteria.

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step 1

Skills assessment

You’ll be asked to complete a coding challenge online.

step 2

Technical interview

Round no.2 involves a technical interview with our senior team.

step 3

Final interview

Last round is a fascinating talk with our founders, Mathieu & Kumail.


Looking for a full-time role?

If you love penguins like we do and would like to chat about it at length, we encourage you to get in touch

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